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Watch Our Dog Training Classes in San Antonio



See our trainers and canine clients in action! The videos below show the results you can expect after your pooch attends one of our intensive dog training classes in San Antonio. It’s a doggy boot camp San Antonio dog owners know they can trust.


San Antonio dog life is a lot easier when your pooch is well trained!


Jonathan and Kevin the Bull Terrier

Jonathan and Kevin, a 9-month old bull terrier, show off how much the pooch has learned in just three weeks of training. Kevin demonstrates his on-leash skills as he sticks with Jonathan and sits whenever the walking stops. He also nails the motion commands!



Jonathan and Ryder the Golden Doodle

Jonathan and golden doodle Ryder prove that just one week of training can make a big difference. Smooth left hand turns, right hand turns and heeling while on leash are no longer an issue. Ryder is also a pro at the down command!



Jonathan and Daisy the Giant Schnauzer

Daisy, an energetic and lovable giant Schnauzer, follows along with Jonathan after just a week and a half of training. Whether in motion or sitting, Daisy has learned to follow the commands she’s given.



Jonathan and Dobie the Doberman Pincher

In this video Jonathan leads Dobie the Doberman pincher through a series of exercises after only five days of training. Dobie behaves beautifully no matter what command Jonathan gives.



Jonathan and Gibson the West Highland Terrier

Gibson a 1-year old west highland terrier does a round of training after three weeks at San Antonio Dog Training Co. Watch Gibson follow Jonathan’s commands without even being on a leash!



Jonathan and Daisy the Chihuahua

Watch cute little Daisy the Chihuahua perform perfectly for Jonathan. She’s so attentive and such a good listener it’s no surprise Daisy made amazing progress in just two weeks.



Jonathan and Rose the Irish Setter

In this video Jonathan and Rose, an Irish setter, do a demo of what she learned in her three weeks of training. Even though she’s a five month old pup with a lot of energy, Rose is able to contain it and listen to every command.



Jonathan and Susie the Black Lab

Susie the black lab was an excellent student during her two weeks of training with Jonathan. At just eight months old she shows how much progress can be made during the puppy period.



Is your dog hard to handle on leash? Are you looking for a way to correct a few bad habits? Then schedule a free evaluation!

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