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What Clients Are Saying About San Antonio Dog Training Co.

If you’re looking for the highest quality San Antonio dog kennels at an affordable price or dog training programs that actually work, then you’ve found it! At San Antonio Dog Training Co. we offer exemplary services that build the bond between dogs and their owners.


We have some of the most highly trained canine specialists and dog sitters in San Antonio, TX. But don’t take our word for it. The best measure of our success is the happiness of our dog owners.


Perfect 5-Star Rating on the Review Sites


Clients like Yelp user Melissa H. note even dogs that are too tough for most trainers to handle aren’t a problem for San Antonio Dog Training Co. Melissa came to us after her German Shepherd started having aggression issues and being a little too protective over their property.


But in just two weeks those issues were corrected. Melissa says she and her husband:


“Were totally amazed and so happy with his progress. I couldn't believe how he stayed by my side while walking past other dogs and sat when I stopped. I am so happy to be able to walk him peacefully again. Also, when we have visitors, he stays right on his bed and doesn't even bark at them. Everyone is shocked at the difference in him when they come over.”


And the programs also work for small dogs that are more active than their owners.  Facebook fan Jennifer Shetzley Sky wrote that our trainers:


“Did a great job training my two maltipoo pups! Life at home is now so much less stressful. I feel like they came back so much more calm and ready to listen.”


Other clients have remarked on the value that San Antonio Dog Training Co. provides. San Antonio resident Teresa C. wrote a Yelp review praising our reasonable rates:


“The prices for his training are a steal!! We had gone to another very popular training program in San Antonio and they were double the price for half the time of training.”


See Why Pet Owners Are So Impressed With San Antonio Dog Training Co. Schedule a FREE Evaluation Today!

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