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Dog Training San Antonio Pet Owners Can Trust

Balanced, Effective Dog Training That Makes People & Pets Happier


San Antonio Dog Training Co. is a premier canine center where dogs and their owners can build stronger relationships. We teach owners and their pets how to effectively communicate so there’s less frustration and more good times together.

Imagine a picturesque hike on the trail with your dog . . .

Your dog stays by your side as you pass walkers, bikers and the occasional wildlife. There’s no fighting for leash control or embarrassing moments trying to quiet their barking. You are both strolling along peacefully taking in the great outdoors.

Now imagine inviting your friends and family over for a get together where they’re greeted at the door by your patient pooch. Instead of relentlessly barking, your dog has perfect manners and even lies down on his bed while you eat dinner.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Correcting your loveable pet’s bad behavior isn’t a wild notion no matter how young or old they are. Our expert canine trainers and caretakers can make it a reality with proven training programs that teach your dog to be on their best behavior.


Professional San Antonio Dog Training

San Antonio dog training doesn’t get any better! We produce results that last a lifetime by offering custom dog training programs. Our resident canine expert, Tatiana Coreas, evaluates every dog before creating a personalized program that meets our client’s goals.

  • FREE evaluation to determine current behavior and temperament as well as introducing you to our trainers.

  • FREE follow-up lessons so the owner can learn how to continue the process at home.

  • Positive reinforcement is used to create a productive, healthy learning environment.

  • 3-week and 4-week dog training programs available.

  • Obedience training and off-leash training courses.

  • Your dog will stay at home with a trainer to work on in home manners as well as travel around training in different environments.

Build a Better Relationship With Man’s Best Friend and Schedule Your FREE Evaluation With Tatiana Coreas!

Call today to reserve a safe, spacious kennel for your furry friend!



Why Not Your Dog?   


CALL/TEXT US AT (210) 520-0780

*In person visits by appointment only*


(allow 24-48 hrs for a call back)

Monday - Friday       10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday                    10:00 AM to 1:00 PM




We provide San Antonio dog training for the entire surrounding area, including:

  • San Antonio

  • Leon Valley

  • Boerne

  • New Braunfels

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