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Dog Obedience Training at San Antonio Dog Training Co.

Our experts offer the most intensive dog obedience training in San Antonio, TX. We’ve developed unique residency programs for owners who wish to put their dog’s training into the hands of a professional. These rigorous training programs prove especially beneficial for hyperactive dogs, dogs with complicated behavior problems and dogs with aggressive tendencies.

Getting the best dog training in San Antonio starts with a free evaluation!


Remote collars act like an invisible leash and give owners the ability to have their dog off-leash in a shorter amount of time. If your dog runs away on a regular basis they know you can't stop them if you’re not physically holding their leash. The most reliable way to teach them to behave off-leash is with a remote collar. Under our guidance, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results and your dog will be happy.

Running away is a frustrating and dangerous behavior. If your dog runs off no amount of food, yelling or incorrect discipline is going to work. At San Antonio Dog Training Co. we feel it's very important to fix the behavior in a safe, swift manner. The remote collar offers you a way to communicate with your dog that this behavior is not desired.

The cost of the remote collar is not extra and is included in the price of the training package.

2-Week Residency Program With FREE Follow-up Lessons

One-time Fee of $1800.00


When you choose a residency program, the training of your dog will be accomplished quickly without disrupting your busy schedule. Dog obedience training at San Antonio Dog Training Co. includes teaching your pooch to:

  • HEEL - Your dog walks closely at your side on command.

  • SIT - Your dog sits quietly and patiently until released, even while distracted.

  • DOWN - Your dog lies down until released, even while distracted.

  • STAY - Your dog holds a ‘sit’ or ’down’ position for an extended period of time.

  • COME - Your dog will come to you off leash upon request.

  • PLACE - Your dog will learn to stay on a mat that limits his/her movement to a designated area.

  • READ HAND SIGNALS - Your dog will learn to read your body language. Using hand signals teaches your dog to pay closer attention to you and obey your silent commands.

  • BEHAVIOR PROBLEM SOLVING – We’ll provide assistance on modifying unwanted behaviors such as jumping up, barking, leash pulling, aggression, etc.

  • E-Collar Technologies ET 300 Remote Collar Included.

3-Week Off-Leash Residency Program + FREE Follow-Up Lessons

One-time Fee of $2300.00

In addition to all of the commands that are taught in the 2-week course, your dog will also be taught to perform commands off leash on a remote collar during the 3-Week Off-Leash Residency Program.



Once your dog has completed a residency program at San Antonio Dog Training Co. you’ll then be provided with a series of four follow-up lessons at no extra charge. These free lessons will provide instruction on how to handle and communicate with your newly trained dog. In order for all of our residency programs to be successful, it’s imperative for owners to commit to incorporating what their dog has learned into everyday life.


Get a Free Initial Evaluation

Before beginning any obedience or puppy training at San Antonio Dog Training Co., your dog will be evaluated by Jonathan King completely FREE of charge. It’s an important step in determining which training approach your dog will respond to the most.

This pre-training evaluation of your dog will enable us to determine his/her:

  • Personality type

  • Aptitude

  • Social development

  • Behavioral patterns

  • Possible behavioral problems

  • Past and present behavior



Bring Out Your Dog’s Best Behavior. 

Call Us at 210-520-0780 to Schedule Your FREE Evaluation!

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