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About San Antonio Dog Training Co.

San Antonio Dog Training Co. is owned and operated by Jonathan King. Jonathan grew up working with animals at his father’s veterinary clinic. The experience left him with a lifelong love for dogs and a passion for training them.




Jonathan isn’t like any other dog trainer in San Antonio. He doesn’t want to simply teach dogs basic obedience. His top priority is to strengthen the bond between a pet owner and their dog. He brings together his love for dogs with proven training techniques in order to help you make the most of your relationship with your dog. 


In 1998 Jonathan graduated from National K-9 School for Dog Trainers. While there he completed an intensive certification program under Scott Mueller, one of the world’s foremost authorities on dog behavior and training. Jonathan has continued his education through seminars and conferences in order to enhance his understanding of dog training, canine behavior and the latest techniques.

Jonathan has extensive experience in many areas of dog training. His specialties range from basic obedience to the highest levels of dog training, including the training of:


  • Service dogs

  • Narcotics dogs

  • Dogs for protection

  • Search and rescue dogs


Over his 18+ years of dog training, Jonathan has helped countless owners develop more fulfilling relationships with their dogs. He’s also helped owners through almost every behavior problem imaginable. Jonathan uses his extensive experience to develop truly personalized training programs tailored to you and your dog.


Beyond Basic Dog Training & Dog Boarding in San Antonio

As San Antonio Training Co. has grown, we’ve expanded our service offerings to include dog boarding in San Antonio. Your pooch can experience the same great care they enjoy at a training session all day long!


In fact, when your dog stay’s with us they’ll receive three walks daily, free group play time and free refresher training if they’ve already been through one of our programs. It’s just a few more ways we’re providing exemplary dog training and dog boarding in San Antonio!



Call 210-520-0780 Today to Schedule a FREE Evaluation!

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