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The Dog Trainers of SADTC

San Antonio Dog Training Co. is owned and operated by Tatiana Coreas.  She has always had a passion for dogs and was given the opportunity to train under the original owner Jonathan King in 2019 and took over the business in 2023.




Tatiana strives to teach owners canine psychology and breaks things down in a way that makes it where you don't have to do this for a living to understand what goes on in your dog's head.  Our goal is to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners especially in today's society where dog friendly cafes and patio restaurants are becoming the norm.  We strive to make it were taking your dog with you to pet friendly places is enjoyable.


In 2019 I was given the opportunity to learn under the founder of this company Jonathan King.  While I have always been involved in volunteering with rescues, I had a passion for dog training and while working on my bachelor's in psychology was given the opportunity to pursue dog training as a full-time career under Jonathan King.  We worked together during COVID where many dogs suffered from separation anxiety due to being raised during a lockdown where socialization was not even possible for humans let alone our furry companions.  He also worked with me on competition style obedience teaching me the fundamentals and now I am pursuing PSA as well as French Ring which are protection sports with my Giant Schnauzer Rowena.  Since then, I have studied other trainers as well as stay up to date on new research in regard to dog training and what dogs as pets look like in today's society vs even 10 years ago.

I have worked with dogs big and small and have trained in rally as well as competition style obedience and have used many languages to teach dogs depending on the owners wants and needs.



Owner and Handler of Dracarys

Since I was in high school, I have always had a passion for learning about dogs and how to train them. During the summers, I shadowed under a local vet and learned how to communicate with dogs more effectively.  I started working with San Antonio Dog Training Co. in 2021 after meeting Tatiana and started my mentorship program under the original owner, Jonathan King, I knew that this was the perfect place for me.  Together Tatiana and I continued to build our skills together working alongside Jonathan with dogs of all temperaments and sizes.  From then on I developed a love for sport obedience, working with nervous dogs, and setting up puppies for success!  Now as a professional dog trainer, I use all my knowledge and expertise to help dogs and their owners live harmoniously together.  I look forward to helping you build a better bond with your dog!

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