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Frequently Asked Questions?


Do You Use Positive Reinforcement Training?

Positive reinforcement is used to reward a dog's behavior during obedience training at San Antonio Dog Training Co. This helps increase the likelihood that the good behavior will be repeated in the future, which is an important part of dog training.

Dogs should be rewarded for behaviors you want them to do. An example of positive reinforcement is giving the dog a cookie after he/she sits in order to strengthen the future likelihood that the dog will sit again in similar circumstances. At San Antonio Dog Training Co. we use a variety of positive reinforcement methods, including:

  • Giving treats

  • Toys

  • Play time

  • Physical praise

  • Verbal praise 


Another important part of dog training is discouraging less desirable behaviors. There are other training methods that primarily ignore less desirable behaviors, however we believe ignoring inappropriate behavior is often ineffective, unreliable, not practical in the real world and sometimes dangerous. The idea that it’s best to ignore lunging on leash, jumping on others, play biting or nuisance barking isn’t a belief we adhere to.

In nature, dogs correct one another when they interact. Correcting or interrupting a dog that’s doing something inappropriate is part of the same natural learning process we’re all subjected to in everyday life.

We believe the best method of training is to use a balanced approach. Learning occurs rapidly when we discover what is rewarded versus what is undesirable - the same holds true for dogs. Learning rules, boundaries and manners will open the dog’s world up to new places and experiences because he/she will understand the difference between good and bad behaviors. As a result, they’ll no longer be a burden to take out in public. This will allow your dog to become a bigger part of the family and truly allows your dog to become man's best friend.

What Age Can I Start My Dog's Training?

Ideally you’ll want to start a dog’s obedience training before problem behaviors set in. When your dog is just a little puppy, you can start informal training by setting limits, encouraging good behavior and discouraging undesirable behavior. Then at about 18 - 20 weeks old, your dog will be ready to enroll in formal training. 

But keep in mind even older dogs are great candidates for obedience training. Unlike the popular saying, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, and obedience training can be done at any age. Dogs of all ages can improve their behavior by learning new commands and having owners who set clear rules on what’s right and what’s wrong.

After a  Residency Training Program Will My Dog Listen to Me?

The short answer is yes. You’ll be taught how to follow up with your dog’s training after they finish their time with us. We schedule people-focused dog obedience classes at San Antonio Dog Training Co. to make sure you understand how to get the same results at home.

The number of lessons provided depends on the dog training package you choose. If you live too far away to continue with a series of follow up lessons, you’ll be provided with additional unlimited support to make sure things are going smoothly when your dog returns home. Remember, as their owner you must change the way your dog behaves at home and consistently use the tools provided by our trainers in order to continue to see positive results.

The key to success is consistency!


Is a Remote Collar Safe? Will It Hurt My Dog or Make His Behavior Worse?

A remote collar is perfectly safe. Contrary to urban legend, remote collars do not burn your dog. The technology used is virtually identical to the TENS Unit used in human medical devices.


Proper care must be taken to only allow the dog to wear the collar 10 or so hours per day. Longer wear could cause pressure sores, thus giving rise to the idea that the collars burn. However, it should be noted this type of tissue necrosis can also be caused by any snug fitting collar, head halter or harness.

A remote collar will not make a dog’s behavior worse. No tool can do anything on it’s own. It’s up to the user to acquire knowledge on how to use it properly. This is why we go to great lengths to teach our clients how to properly train their dog with any of our training tools.


If you decide to train with us, not only will your dog develop better manners, but you will learn a great deal about how your dog thinks. This gives you the ability to know when and how to respond using various tools. The better you communicate with your dog, the more you can include them in your daily routine and trust they’ll listen to you when needed. 

Why Do You Use a Remote Collar?

Remote collars act like an invisible leash and give owners the ability to communicate with their dog in a consistent manner.  The way you apply pressure on a leash when walking and changing corrections we condition the ecollar in such a way that it is as if you are physically communicating with your dog with distance not being a factor.  This means that if you are hiking and you notice your dog is getting too far or happens to see deer and want to chase it you have a way to communicate with them despite their utter excitement of deer or distraction of smells.

When we condition an ecollar to your dog we condition it with the word "no."  When we say "No" this means to stop the current behavior and look to us to follow the cue given after whether it was because they broke a sit stay or start to pull on the leash instead of being in a heel command.  Our goal is to have your dog understand that when they feel the stim of the ecollar their immediate response is to look to whoever is handling them to wait for further instruction.  This is to help you communicate with your dog and not for punishment.

The cost of the remote collar is not extra and is included in the price of the training package for our 3 week, 4 week, and 6 week programs.



At San Antonio Dog Training Co. we believe that training should be a positive experience for both you and your dog. Our philosophy for training in San Antonio, TX is that positive reinforcement is a very important part of good behavior.

When you bring your pooch to San Antonio Dog Training they’ll be in a safe environment that’s focused on improving their comfort and situational awareness. Dogs of all ages can benefit from working with our caring, highly skilled trainers. Once your dog has completed their obedience training you can expect them to be better listeners that are able to cope and behave even in stressful situations.


Build A Better Bond With Your Dog Today!

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